Rainproof Generator Set

Rainproof generator set is a power station developed by scientific design, using advanced technology in the field of acoustics and airflow, and can be configured according to different types of actual environment. The rain-proof generator set is mainly covered to prevent rain from entering, even if it is used in the open air when it rains, it also operates as usual. The generator set uses a special rain-proof base, which is provided with a rain-proof cover above it, and is equipped with a rain-proof door, which is installed on the cover and connected with the lower part of the rain-proof door to open or close the telescopic rod of the rain-proof door.Preferably, a rain baffle is arranged above the hinged part of the rain door and the cover , and both sides of the cover are opened with two doors, which is convenient for maintenance personnel to repair or maintain. The rain protection device of the generator set can be well rainproof for the generator set, and the maintenance personnel can also repair the generator set in the rain, speed up the maintenance process, so that the generator set can be put into use again as soon as possible, reduce the power failure time, in order to avoid unnecessary human and financial losses. The rain-proof power station is suitable for the construction of open and field fixed places, which can improve the capacity of the unit to prevent rain, snow and sand. It is convenient, quick and easy to operate.

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Rain-proof diesel generator set features

Wide power range: 10~4300KW. Low fuel consumption, low emissions, low noise. The unit has excellent performance, advanced technology, reliable work and easy maintenance. High voltage regulation precision, good dynamic performance, compact structure, long service life. Products year-round high altitude, high temperature, high cold, "three high" experiment, strong environmental adaptability. Start quickly, and can quickly reach full power in just a few seconds, emergency 1 minute with the full load due (normal 5~30MIN) shutdown process is short, you can frequently start and stop. Simple maintenance operation, fewer people, easy maintenance during backup. The comprehensive cost of construction and power generation of diesel generator sets is low. Product classification is rich, the type is divided into: Marine generator set, land generator set; Functional structure is divided into: use automation unit, awning unit, low noise unit, trailer mobile power station unit; The industry is divided into: civil generator set, military generator set, oilfield generator set, telecommunications generator set, etc.

Rainproof Specifications







With Weifang unit



Equipped with four cylinder unit



Equipped with six cylinder unit



Equipped with domestic and imported machines (6 cylinders)



Equipped with domestic and imported machines (6 cylinders)



Domestic (12V135)



Domestic and imported (12V135)

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