Role Of Water Tank Diesel Generator Set

Because the specific heat capacity of water is large, the temperature rise after absorbing the heat of the cylinder block is not much, so the heat of the engine through the cooling water liquid circuit, the use of water as a heat carrier heat conduction, and then through the large area of the heat sink in the way of convection heat dissipation, in order to maintain the appropriate working temperature of the diesel generator engine. When the water temperature of the diesel generator engine is high, the water pump pumps the water repeatedly to reduce the temperature of the engine, (The water tank is composed of a hollow copper tube. High temperature water goes into the water tank through the air cooling and circulation to the engine cylinder wall) to protect the engine, if the winter water temperature is too low, this time will stop the water circulation, to avoid the diesel generator engine temperature is too low. Diesel generator set water tank plays a very important role in the whole generator body, if the water tank is used improperly, it will cause damage to the diesel engine and the generator, and it will also cause the diesel engine to be scrapped in serious cases, therefore, users must learn to correctly use the diesel generator set water tank

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